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DPR Mastering provides you an economically priced mastering service for your digital releases by using high quality equalizers, compressors and limiting plugins (e.g. Waves, Brainworx, SSL), but very gentle, dynamic and apart from the loudness wars. We know about the problem of the expenses for a professional mastering and the low ammount of money gained with a release that will be published as digital only, just ask us for your special price … low buget and good results are truely possible. You can directly pay using paypal and your mastering will be finished within 10 days. We can also support you with vinyl-mastering and connect you with our strong partners for a high class analog mastering.


SINGLE TRACK // 25 € +++ EP (3 Tracks) // 70 € +++ MORE THAN 3 // 20 € each
special pricing for longtime cooperations


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